Donetsk, Oct 5 – DAN. DPR residents should contribute to strengthening the Republic's statehood by coming to elections and casting votes, said the head of the Young Republic social organization Nikita Kiosev.

"Today we are standing on the threshold of a new era in the Republic's development, of a new opportunity to reaffirm our choice and follow the way we define ourselves. That is why participating in elections means participating in delineating the destiny of the Republic, shaping its future."

He added that public elections would allow the Republic to follow the path laid by the late Alexander Zakharchenko.

"We should execute our civil right and affirm our statehood guided by the principles set by Alexander Zakharchenko: conscience, freedom, justice, equality. This is the indication of our power and civility, this is where peace and prosperity begin."

The Head and parliamentary elections are scheduled for November 11 in DPR. *ot