Donetsk, Nov 9 – DAN. The DPR needs elections to secure order and the rule of law in the region, one of the candidates, Roman Khramenkov, told DAN.

"I reiterate that the elections are evidently needed in the DPR to secure order, the legitimacy of authorities and stability in society. We should make a choice at polling stations in favor of development of a democratic and independent state. Only in this case we would be able to overcome all the obstacles.

He said the voting would be a vivid proof of unity in the Republic fighting for peace.
"We shall prove to the world that we are united and invincible. Finally, the world shall recognize us."

The Head and Parliamentary elections are to take place in Donbass on November 11. Residents will be able to cast ballots at 408 polling stations, all of the addresses are available at the Central Election commission website.

Five candidates are running for Head: Denis Pushilin, Elena Shishkina, Roman Khramenkov, Vladimir Medvedev, Roman Evstifeyev. Two social movements are running for Parliament: the Donetsk Republic and the Free Donbass.*ot