Donetsk, Sep 15 - DAN. Kiev representatives announced the intention to pardon nine people who had been released by Ukraine during prisoner exchanges, Donetsk People’s Republic representative to the Minsk subgroup on humanitarian issues, DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova said following the subgroup’s video conference on Tuesday.

“On Monday, Ukraine sent us a letter stating the intention to pardon nine former detainees,” Morozova said in her comments. “However, we cannot regard this document as having prospects. We had repeatedly received letters with similar content from Kiev, but no action followed them.”

The legal clearance of the persons released from captivity has topped the humanitarian subgroup’s agenda for several months, but Kiev is in no hurry to meet its commitments. Ukraine only dropped charges against just one of the 50 people it released  during the prisoner swaps in 2019-2020, according to Morozova.

“For its part, the DPR fulfilled all the obligations on this track and we rightly demand that Ukraine make similar moves, in which the coordinator (from the OSCE - eds Donetsk News Agency) supports us. In response, we only hear promises and see formal replies from Ukrainian representatives,” the ombudswoman said.

The Minsk humanitarian subgroup held a video conference earlier in the day. Morozova said the DPR had not succeeded in having Ukraine make progress in the legal clearance issue.*jk