Donetsk, Nov 21 – DAN. DPR Ministry of State Security (MGB) has thwarted attack plotted by Ukrainian Security Service on the Elections Day, November 11, the press officer of the DPR ministry Mikhail Popov said at a press conference in DAN.

"DPR Ministry of State Security has thwarted a sabotage act plotted by the Ukrainian Security Service to derail the elections of Head and deputies of the Parliament."

According to Popov, on November 11 a Ukrainian agent was detained in a backroom of a polling station as he was passing a petrol bomb to a precinct election commission member, who was supposed to put into a ballot box.

The device, equipped with an electric detonator and timer was supposed to go off during ballot box transportation to the Central Election Commission. The subsequent fire could have caused multiple victims.

"The plan became known to the MGB and the plot was foiled. The fact that Kiev planned this provocation shows its intention to derail democratic election process in the Republic," Popov said.

The Elections of the DPR Head and Parliament successfully took place on November 11. *ot