Donetsk, Jan 31 - DAN. Preparations for new prisoner exchange between DPR and Ukraine are in their active phase as the sides are finalising the detainees list, said Viktoria Talakina, spokeswoman for DPR envoy to Minsk talks Denis Pushilin after a Contact Group meeting on Wednesday.

“The negotiators focused on the prisoner exchange process,” Talakina said. “Vigorous work is ongoing to finalise the detainees list.”

Prior to the Wednesday talks, the spokeswoman said the prisoner exchange issue should be among the key agenda items.

Earlier, DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova said the Republic and Ukraine might carry out new prisoner exchange within a month. Donetsk expects Ukraine to release some 80 DPR supporters. Morozova urged the detainees’ relatives to contact her office for updating the detainees’ personal data. *jk