Donetsk, Jul 18 - DAN. The Heads of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik recorded video messages to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky urging him to recognise Donbass’ choice.

“In May, DPR and LPR residents addressed Ukrainian President Zelensky online putting forward the demands that had been articulated at the Minsk talks. In less than two months, the number of the action’s supporters reached one million. Vladimir Zelensky repeatedly told the public that he wished to stop the conflict, but things did not go beyond statements or empty words. A million signatures is truly a people’s voice, as well as Donbass’ choice. A choice that cannot be ignored,” Pushilin said in his message.

He added that nearly five years had passed since the signing of the first Minsk Agreements and that over this time Ukraine had not made a single move towards the implementation of these agreements or the Package of Measures signed in 2015.

“Ukraine continues the war against the Donbass population. It is expanding the economic blockade, pursues the policy of infringement upon the rights of our residents and aggravates the conflict with provocations and information war. The Donbass people’s patience is not limitless,” the DPR Head said.

For his part, Pasechnik reminded Zelensky about his promise during the election campaign. “You pledged to stop the Donbass war, hear out ordinary people, not only the oligarchs as was the case before. The action brought together many people; they already number a million. What will you tell them? Zelensky, can you hear me?” the LPR leader said.

The Donbass Choice action began in May. Its participants demand that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky give a special status to Donbass, stop strikes at the Republics’ territory, resume the payment of pensions to residents and recognise their right to integration with Russia. Residents can sign the petition on the action website and make social media posts hashtagged “ZelenskyRecogniseDonbassChoice.”

Earlier reports said that more than one million people had signed the Donbass Choice petition to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

On Wednesday, initiator of the action Yevgenia Tertychnaya sent letters to the leaders of the USA, Germany, France and Russia asking them to make Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky fulfil the peace accords.*jk