onetsk, Dec 15 – DAN. DPR Head Aleksander Zakharchenko said on Thursday Ukrainian forces resort to terror against civilians in Kiev controlled territory as he condemned Ukraine’s latest checkpoint attack which left two civilians dead.

“An outrageous crime occurred yesterday. (Ukrainian forces) are making all efforts to terrorize civilians. I’ve been following the developments since yesterday, but regrettably, all eye-witnesses have been arrested,” Zakharchenko said.

DPR will pay for funeral arrangements. “We’ll do all we can to help the victims’ families,” he said.

On Wednesday morning, Ukrainian servicemen opened automatic fire at passengers of a bus that had crossed the contact line from DPR territory and people got off for ID check at Mayorskoye checkpoint.

One civilian was shot and killed, one woman died of heart attack, and two more people were injured. Ukrainian forces did not let ambulances from Gorlovka come to the scene. All the injured and eyewitnesses, as well as the dead bodies were taken to Kiev-controlled territory.

DPR Interior Ministry said the fatal shooting incident had been recorded and that an investigation was ongoing. *jk