Donetsk, Nov 9 – DAN. US call to boycott the Donbass elections is confusing, said DPR acting Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Election is the central democratic institution. The call to boycott elections coming from a state presenting itself as a stronghold of democracy is especially impressive. The attempts to call on Russia to influence the upcoming elections are also bewildering."

Nikonorova said that Western countries have grown used to interfere in internal affairs of other countries, but not all the members of the international community share this approach. Donbass Republics decide themselves when it comes to internal affairs, she said, including holding elections.

"Once again, we call on Ukrainian authorities and all their partners to address the Republics directly in case they have any questions."

The US embassy in Ukraine has issued a statement calling on Donbass residents to boycott the November 11 elections. *ot