Donetsk, Oct 26 – DAN. The lack of tangible results of Vladimir Zelensky's work as president of Ukraine has led to the political failure of his team, as the Servant of the People party failed to win the local elections, said the chairman of the DPR People's Council Vladimir Bidyovka.

Local elections took place on Sunday witnessing a record low turnover of 37 pc. Preliminary results showed that neither of the Servant Of People presidential party candidates has managed to secure victory in mayor elections in any of the regional centers. Elections to the local councils have also turned out unfavorable for Zelensky's party.

"This political power made noise during the presidential campaign, but did nothing more than that. Neither Zelensky nor members of his team took concrete steps to restore economy, settle the conflict, improve the citizens' well-being," Bidyovka said.

The Opposition Platform – For Life has been leading the election, while Ukrainian media refer to it as a pro-Russian power.

"The party members are experienced functionaries, they at least know how the systems works and how to control it. It is a better option compered to the Servant party amateurs, but it is not a guarantee of positive change," Bidyovka said.

He also said that the low turnover was well expected as people no longer trust politicians.

The lections took place across Ukraine with the exception 18 districts in Kiev-controlled Donbass region. The Central Election Commission canceled the elections there citing security concerns, though the population of the districts amount to almost 500,000 people who were deprived of voting rights. *ot