Donetsk, Nov 30 – DAN. Donetsk believes that EU sanction against Donbass following the elections in the region are not a problem, a DPR MP (Free Donbass) Alexey Zhigulin told DAN.
The The Council of the EU press service announced earlier that Foreign Relations Counsellors shall meet on November 30 to review sanctions following leadership elections in Donbass.

Russian news agency TASS cited diplomatic sources saying that nine persons might be included in sanction list, the majority of the DPR and LPR residents.

"Western sanctions are nothing new to us. We are not afraid of sanctions as people with strong moral principles do not abandon their positions and are not concerned with sanctions.

Restrictive measures are a dull attempt to affect legal awareness of people targeted by the sanctions."

The DPR held Head and Parliamentary election on November 11,the turnout exceeded 80 percent of voters. *ot