Donetsk, Jun 9 – DAN. The DPR and LPR authorities have welcomed the idea to make the Contact Group talks open for public observation, the DPR Head Denis Pushilin told journalists on the margins of the Great Russian Word XIV International Festival.

 "We are ready for any options to invigorate the peaceful resolution to the conflict in Donbass. But Ukraine refuses our suggestions. Current dialogue is one-sided: we propose – we are rejected," Pasechnik said quoted by the TASS news agency.

Pushilin added that the DPR not just supports the idea, but insists that the meetings must be made available for public to watch.

"If it happens, if there is political will, everyone will see what it is in reality. Who really wants peace and who protracts the process. It will be obvious not only for Donbass and Russian residents, but for Ukrainians, first and foremost."

The Great Russian Word festival takes place in Crimes since 2007 to support Russian culture and language, and develop international humanitarian cooperation. *ot