Donetsk, Oct 13 - DAN. DPR delegation to the Minsk talks refused to abolish drafting the road map on the Donbass crisis settlement as proposed by the OSCE, the DPR envoy to the talks Natalia Nikonorova said.

"We strongly oppose the proposed refusal of the road map development. If Ukraine revealed a substantive willingness to implement the Package of Measures and did not commit provocative acts or attempts to edit it in accordance with its domestic laws or by its projects in the Contact Group, then, obviously, there would be no need for road maps or other auxiliary measures. Since there is absolutely no such willingness on the Ukrainian side, and given its total unwillingness to work over political settlement productively, the issue of the Road Map remains acute, relevant and a priority on the agenda," she said.

OSCE representative in the Contact Group voiced a proposition to remove the Road Map from the meetings' agenda, saying it could unblock the political discussion.

"Such statement are absurd by their nature, moreover, it is unacceptable for the OSCE to promulgate such statements, while its representatives are to stick to the policy of impartiality, not to act in favour of one sides of the conflict," Nikonorova said.

"Their argument that it might assist political settlement does not stand up to scrutiny, as the Road Map is the instrument of the comprehensive settlement, which comprises all the aspects and issues." *ot