Donetsk, Jun 1 — DAN. A child has been wounded in a Ukrainian artillery attack on western Gorlovka on International Day for Protection of Children, and damage has been caused to a secondary school and children’s sport school football pitch.

The enemy shelled Gorlovka 11 times since Thursday morning mostly using 152mm artillery pieces. In the afternoon, Ukrainian forces fired a multiple rocket launcher at the town damaging a car maintenance facility, apartment buildings and a bus. A Donetsk News Agency correspondent who arrived at the scene of shelling saw car maintenance center workers sealing a punctured wall and starting repairs of the damaged vehicle.

Windows and the frontage of a local school were damaged; one of the projectiles exploded at the Olymp stadium hitting the football pitch of the children’s sport school. In the Gorlovka attack on June 1 which marks International Day for Protection of Children, a ten-year-old child was wounded in the street. According to preliminary information, Ukrainian forces used a Turkish counterpart of the “Grad” multiple launch rocket system.

On Thursday afternoon, Gorlovka mayor Ivan Prikhodko reported damage to a petrol station and boiler house, as well as partial outage in the Komsomolets and Shakhta Gagarina neighborhoods. The Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of issues related to Ukraine’s war crimes said in updated reports that at least seven houses in Gorlovka have been damaged by Ukrainian artillery strikes.*jk