Donetsk, Mar 14 – DAN. The DPR Prosecutor General's Office has opened a criminal case against a Ukrainian brigade commander involved in the torture and murder of a DPR soldier Evgeniy Toropkin in Ukrainian captivity, the office said in a press statement.

"The commander of the 36th separate marine brigade of the Ukrainian army Delyatitskiy ordered on March 2, 2018 to capture DPR positions on the contact line outside the Oktyabr village of the Novoazovskiy district. Ukrainian troops attempted the attack on the same day, eventually capturing the DPR soldier."

The Prosecutor General's Office said Delyatitskiy and soldiers under his command tortured the captive to retrieve military data and murdering him. Criminal case was opened in connection with the incident.

A DPR soldier Evgeniy Toropkin was captured by Ukrainian forces on March 2 as they attacked Republican positions in southern DPR. DPR Command says it is possible that the soldier was captured with the purpose of getting intelligence data from him to carry out sabotage operations in the DPR in future. On Mach 6 the captured was killed and handed over to Dontes by Ukrainian volunteers. Forensics analysis confirmed the death was violent. *ot