Donetsk, Apr 14 — DAN. Law-enforcement bodies have detained a suspect in the assassination attempt on the life of Mariupol police chief Mikhail Moskvin, the press service of the Donetsk People’s Republic Interior Ministry reported on Friday.

The 28-year-old man was recruited by the Ukrainian secret service, the Interior Ministry said. He said that Ukrainian secret service agents had tried to play on his patriotic feelings telling him that Ukraine would recapture Mariupol.

On March 27, the suspect set off a homemade bomb fixed to the bottom of Moskvin’s car. The detainee said that he did not know the names of his Ukrainian supervisors who had tasked him with monitoring the movement of law-enforcers and gathering information about their vehicles. They promised him 70,000 hryvnas but only paid 10,000. Police searched his apartment seizing an improvised explosive device which the man had retrieved from a cache in Mariupol’s Primorsky district.

“The law-enforcers also detained another two members of the criminal group: a Mariupol resident aged 73 and his 53-year-old son recruited by agents of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Department. Police seized a Kalashnikov assault rifle, five magazines with 5.45mm rounds, grenades, a homemade bomb with remote controls, bomb-making instructions, data storage devices and Ukrainian insignia from their house, ” the DPR Interior Ministry said.

Criminal proceedings were opened over assassination attempt on the life of law-enforcement officer. The case materials were referred to the Investigative Committee.*jk