Donetsk, May 24 — DAN. Four Donetsk People’s Republic engineers have been wounded in a mine clearance operation at the «Azovstal» works in Mariupol, the DPR Emergencies Ministry said on Tuesday.

«Four Emergencies Ministry Fireworks Department personnel were wounded in an explosion as they were searching an outdoor area at „Azovstal for hazardous objects, ” the Ministry said. One of the victims had surgery and is currently in critical but stable condition; another two are in satisfactory condition and the fourth will receive outpatient treatment.

Mariupol is the largest city on the Sea of Azov shore. Fighting for the city began in late winter. By mid-April, the surviving Ukrainian armed formations had been blocked on the premises of the «Azovstal» metallurgical works. Back then, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the assault on «Azovstal» was inexpedient and ordered to block the gunmen inside. The humanitarian operation to evacuate civilians from the plant was completed in early May. Demining works at «Azovstal» were launched after complete liberation of the plant’s area from Ukrainian gunmen.*jk