Donetsk, Oct 13 — DAN. A group of gunmen of the Ukrainian terrorist organization “Azov” which is banned in Russia has infiltrated the Donetsk People’s Republic to carry out terrorist attacks against authorities and civilians, DPR State Security Ministry (MGB) press officer Mikhail Popov said on Thursday.

“The DPR MGB has received information that a group of saboteurs from the Ukrainian terrorist organization ‘Azov’ infiltrated the Republic to prepare a series of acts of sabotage and terror against the Republic’s authorities and population, ” Popov said.

He added that law-enforcers had found a weapons and ammunition cache in an abandoned well in Mariupol. It contained assault rifles, a grenade launcher, explosives and detonators.

The MGB urged the population to immediately report suspicious persons or illegal actions to hotlines  071 300-19-81; 062 388-63-63; 062 388-63-64

Earlier reports said that MGB officers had detained a group of Ukrainian commandos which planned to carry out acts of terror during the voting at the Republic’s referendum.*jk