Zugres, Mar 26 – DAN. Zuevskaya thermal power station plans to bring three power units out of four to full operational capacity, currently they operate at a third.

DPR Head Denis Pushilin attended a meeting in Zugres today to discuss the plant's perspectives.

He said that the Zuevskaya and Starobeshevskaya thermal power plants are of special importance and they supply energy both for domestic and export markets.

Starobeshevskaya plant is operating almost at full, while Zuevskaya currently operates at 30 pc of its full capacity.

The Zuevskaya power station director Evgeny Zheleznyak said that the operation is impeded by the lack of G-type coal (gas coal, or bituminous). Certain amount of this coal is supplied from the LPR.

Experts tested other types of coal, such as anthracite, which is abundant in the DPR. Experiments showed that the usage of anthracites is possible, but requires additional gas. Other types of coal are tested: mixtures and OS-rank coal (anthracite with 89 pc of carbon).

Zheleznyak said that necessary equipment will be purchased from Russia to modernize the station and shift to bituminous and anthracite coal.

"We will be able to function independently from imports and will launch three power units," he said.

Zuevskaya power station is located 40 km east of Donetsk. The first power unit was launched in 1982, the fourts – in 1988. Currently three are operating, one is under maintenance. *ot