Donetsk, Jul 26 — DAN. Tax cuts for businesses in the Donetsk People’s Republic are now more important than maintaining the budget revenue level, DPR Head Denis Pushilin said in comments on the State Defense Committee  (GKO) decision on moratorium on the minimum lease payment.

“The State Defense Committee’s recent resolution suspended the norm on fixing the minimum lease payment. It can henceforth be reduced under an accord between economic entities, ” Pushilin wrote on Telegram. “We allowed a decrease in budget revenue because this kind of support on the part of the state is far more important today.”

The military situation currently creates considerable problems for the operation of small businesses in the DPR, he added. In this connection, commissioner for the rights of business people Yaroslav Berezhko offered to exempt patent payers from paying patent fees and 1st group entrepreneurs from paying the simplified tax.  The measure will apply to 36,000 people. “The State Defense Committee has discussed the measure and will support it, ” the DPR leader said. 

Earlier, the GKO amended the law on the tax system suspending the norm on the minimum sum of lease payment and minimum cost of monthly lease till the end of 2022.*jk