Donetsk, Dec 6 — DAN. The industrial park in Mariupol will consolidate the production assets of the Azovmash machine building plant and the Azovelektrostal steel mill, Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Prime Minister Vladislav Vasilyev said on Wednesday.

“Thousands of jobs, huge shops and unique products are a possible future of the Mariupoltyazhmash industrial park, ” said Vasilyev who visited the city last weekend. “We’re working on reviving the steel and machine-building plants which historically had been one whole.”

The state-owned Mariupoltyazhmash which is currently undergoing registration will help the two companies restore the joint infrastructure, have fixed assets inventoried, attract investors and complete the paperwork for incentives. The priorities are to restore power, gas and water supply to the companies and their railroad tank car production line, he said.

Azovelektrostal was established in the late 1990s — early 2000s on the premises of the Azovmash’s steel mill which disrupted the production chain. Later on, Azovelectrosal functioned as a separate company in the Azovmash structure. It began to retool using Italian and German equipment in 2010. In the autumn of 2022, specialists from the Moscow-based I.P. Bardin Research Center launched an audit of Azovelektrostal.*jk