Donetsk, May 1 — DAN. A taxi business from Krasnodar is opening its office in Mariupol and will launch taxi service in the near future, Mariupol mayor Oleg Morgun told the Donetsk News Agency on Monday.

Earlier in the day, maritime city residents saw a column of cars with taxi signs on Mariupol streets.

“Their head office is in Krasnodar; an affiliate is operating here. So far, 20 cars have test-driven across the city. They’ll probably have 50 cars later this week, which means 100 jobs, ” Morgun said.

Another 50 cars will be added to the company’s tax fleet by the summer, he added.

Taxi company representatives said that the test drive on Monday was an advertisement action and that they’ve been hiring drivers. The official launch date or taxi rates have not been announced yet. In addition to the taxi fleet, the company has a car maintenance facility in Mariupol. The city currently has seven operating taxi businesses.*jk