Donetsk, Mar 20 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic companies plan to supply at least 410,000 tons of grain and pulses, as well as 53,000 tons of finished products to Russia’s domestic market this year, the Russian Agriculture Ministry press service told the Donetsk News Agency.

“According to the information from the DPR Agriculture Ministry, the Republic plans the supplies of at least 410,000 tons of grain and legumes, 220,000 tons of oil-bearing crops and 53,000 tons of food industry products in 2023, ” the press service said.

DPR traditional supplies to Russian regions include grain, flour, pasta, confectionery, sausage, milk, eggs and ice cream.

Earlier reports said that the DPR would export part of the grain harvest. As an incentive for agribusinesses, the Russian government exempted DPR farmers from paying export duties on 143,000 tons of wheat and barley.*jk