Donetsk, Aug 23 — DAN. Land plots in the liberated regions of the DPR, allocated by the occupying authorities of Ukraine to participants in the so-called anti-terrorist operation and the joint forces' operation, are confiscated in favour of the state without the right to compensation, as the corresponding decree No. 461 has been signed on Monday by the Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

The decision also applies to the right of ownership and other rights to land plots transferred to family members of the dead Ukrainian militants who participated in punitive operations in Donbass. The decree also applies to real estate located on such land plots.

According to the document, the land is considered part of the stock of state or municipal property, and real estate is documented as state or municipal property and is subject to registration.

The Decree also recognizes rights to land plots, including the right to lease, sublease, emphyteusis and superficies that arose before February 19, 2022, as valid. They are not subject to re-registration in the Republic, provided that the state registration was initially carried out without violating laws.

An exception is granted to agricultural land plots located outside the boundaries of settlements.

The document comes into force from the day of its official publication and is applicable to relations that arose from March 3, 2022, except for the provisions specified in paragraph 5. *ot