Donetsk, Jul 8 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic expects a much larger harvest as its farmland has expanded by 93,000 hectares thanks to the territories liberated from the Ukrainian army, DPR Head Denis Pushilin said on Friday.

“The Republic now has more farmland thanks to the liberated territory, but this also added problems requiring immediate solution, ” Pushilin said. “The weather conditions this year accelerated crop ripening; southern areas began harvesting earlier than last year and we are expecting a larger wheat harvest.”

“Farmers will thresh early grain crops on an area of 241,000 hectares, up 49 percent from 2021, ” he said adding that the DPR farmland area had expanded by nearly 93,000 hectares.

The DPR leader met with farmers during his visit to the south of the Republic on Friday to discuss registration of companies in the DPR legal framework, loan opportunities and sale of products in wartime.

“We always pay close attention to agribusinesses. They are having a rush season now; every day is important.​ We’ll help to quickly solve the emerging problems so that farmers can fulfil their primary objective, i.e. ensure the Republic’s food security, ” Pushilin said.*jk