Donetsk, Dec 19 - DAN. Torezantratsit state-owned coal-mining company launched a new coal face on Tuesday, the DPR Coal and Energy Ministry press service reported.

“Torezantratsit’s affiliate Zarya launched coalface No 33 of Level h7,” the press service said. "The new face room is being prepared; daily output is estimated at 1,100 tons.”

According to the Ministry, the coal face is 250 meters long and up to one meter thick, with extraction pillar of 1.425 meters. The reserves are estimated at 802,000 tons of hard coal. Miners are equipped with IKD-80 longwall set of equipment, Ik101K coal-mining machine and SP26U conveyor.

“This coal face has become Zarya’s second production site and the company’s 9th new face launched since the beginning of this year,” the press service quoted acting mine director Alexander Gigoriva as saying.

DPR Coal and Energy Ministry planned to launch 11 new coal faces in 2017. Torezantratsit’s Volynskaya mine which has long been in the zone of fighting has resumed full-fledged operation. On 12 September 2017, it launched a new producing level. *jk