Donetsk, Dec 5 — DAN. Ukrainian gunmen have delivered a strike at the Skochinsky coal mine in Donetsk damaging its garage, vehicles and equipment, the Donetsk People’s Republic Coal and Energy Ministry reported on Tuesday.

“Early in the morning, the Skochinsky mine came under Ukrainian artillery fire, ” the Ministry said. “Luckily, there were no casualties.”

The garage and vehicle including the newly repaired bus for shift workers and two trucks were seriously damaged, the ministry said citing acting company director Dmitry Khablov.

Sixteen pieces of equipment were damaged overall; the garage fence was knocked down. The coal mine continues its operation.

Ukrainian forces have opened fire at the Donetsk People’s Republic 27 times since Tuesday morning. In Donetsk’s Kirovsky district, artillery fire damaged a school, a kindergarten and a college with a dormitory and workshops.  A single-family home took a direct hit and another two single-family houses and three apartment buildings were damaged.*jk