Donetsk, Jan 18 — DAN. The value of the Donetsk People’s Republic budget 2023 reaches over 196 billion rubles, according to the law on the Republic’s key financial document published on the DPR Acting Head’s website on Wednesday.

DPR budget revenue is set at 196,151,430,400 rubles including 25,225,541,200 rubles worth of tax and non-tax revenue and 170,925,889,200 rubles in non-repayable receipts. Budget spending stands at 196,151,430,400 rubles, said Article 1 of the budget law. 

Consequently, the Republic will have a zero deficit budget.

Earlier report said that the DPR would have a two-level budget as part of the funding will come from Russia’s Federal Treasury. The DPR parliament approved the Republic’s budget 2023 at an extraordinary session earlier in the day. The document will come into force on the next day after the publication and is retroactive to January 1, 2023.*jk