Donetsk, Nov 16 — DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic has seen the largest decrease in prices of buckwheat and cucumbers since the beginning of the year, the Interdepartmental Headquarters on Pricing told the Donetsk News Agency.

HQ decisions helped reduce fresh cucumber prices by 94.75 rubles (48.72 percent) to 99.74 rubles per kilogram, while buckwheat prices fell by 31 rubles (31.01 percent) to 68.98 rubles per kilogram. Salt prices fell by 3.03 rubles (-14.66 percent) to 17.64 rubles, potatoes by 3.91 rubles (- 11.49 percent) to 30.12 rubles, tea by 100.75 rubles (-9.91 percent) to 1006.50 rubles per kilogram, sunflower oil by 8.82 rubles (-6.52 percent) to 126.41rubles per liter, and pasta by 8.86 rubles (-5.41 percent) to 67.51 rubles.

The DPR Economic Development Ministry reported a decrease in the average prices of seven foodstuffs last week from late October. Lemon prices fell by 15.9 percent, canned peas and corn prices were down by 11.8 percent and beetroot prices by 10.8 percent in the largest weekly decline. The HQ noted decreasing prices of milk, sunflower oil, carrots and sausage.

DPR Head Denis Pushilin earlier ordered to monitor food prices at retail outlets amid growing number of complaints from the population.*jk