Donetsk, Mar 25 – DAN. DPR's Donetsk Iron and Steel Works Branch No. 1 has begun the blowing-in of its blast furnace No.1 that was stopped for repair in February.

"Currently we are blowing-in the blast furnace and approaching operational parameters. The normal capacity is expected to be achieved in 1.5-2 days," the deputy head of the furnace shop.

The furnace full capacity before the repair was 1,700 tons of cast iron per day.

The plant has dismissed reports spread by Ukrainian media that it is going to be closed. The management said salaries are paid on time, there are no back payments.

The blast furnace No.1, one of the two furnaces of the plant, was stopped on February 15 for repair works.

Donetsk Iron and Steel Works has been established in 1872. In 2014, as the military action was ongoing in Donbass, it was stopped. It resumed operations in 2015. Currently, the plant employs 4,500 people. *ot*pp