Donetsk, Jun 7 – DAN. Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelenskiy is trying to conceal war crimes of Ukrainian army by putting the blame for deterioration on Gorlovka direction on the DPR, said DPR Head Denis Pushilin.

Earlier on Friday Zelensky said that Ukrainian army sustained heavy losses in an alleged shelling from DPR and LPR positions outside Gorlovka.

"Zelensky's attempt to shift the blame for security situation deterioration outside Novoluganskoye on our People's Militia is an attempt to conceal war crimes perpetrated exactly by the Ukrainian armed formations," Pushilin said.

According to Pushilin, Ukrainian newly elected president pursues the policy of double standards typical of his predecessor Petr Poroshenko. Kiev announces ceasefire and prisoner exchange in words only, while keeping on shelling the Donbass.

"This another time Ukraine tries to portray Russia as a side to the conflict and to sidetrack the Minsk talks out of the constructive discussion. In reality, it is the Ukrainian command that lacks control over its forces, the fact we have been urging the international community to pay attention to for a while."

Pushilin called on the international community to condemn and thwart Kiev's war crimes decisively and push Kiev into compliance with the Minsk Agreements. *ot