Donetsk, Apr 11 – DAN. A civilian woman was killed, 12 people were injured over the past day as Ukrainian forces shelled the DPR, the Republic's Mission to the JCCC said.

The enemy used heavy artillery and mortars. 
Fourteen households were damaged as a total of six townships came under fire.

"A total of 197 rounds were fired," the report reads.

Urban combat is still ongoing in Mariupol, the reports on the casualties are not final and might not be accurate. Fifty seafarers were rescued as their vessels remained blocked by Ukrainian nationalistic units for weeks. On Monday morning, the People's Militia said that 80 pc of the port are under DPR control.

Russia started a special military operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine on February 24. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the decision was made after the DPR and LPR Heads addressed him asking for help.

The Russian leader said that Moscow is not planning to occupy Ukrainian territory, the only goal is to protect people who have been continuously shelled and subjected to other forms of genocide by Ukraine for eight years. *ot