Donetsk, Oct 14 – DAN DPR energy workers who were restoring power lines in six Republic’s southern villages came under fire of Ukrainian forces, head of Novoazovskiy village administration Anatoliy Yanovskiy told DAN.

«Our energy workers today have proceeded with restoring power supply, but Ukrainian armed forces continued shelling and the repairs had to be suspended,» he said.

According to Yanovskiy, Leninskoye, Dzerzhinskoye and Novaya Tavria villages as well as Sergeevka (a part of Sakhanka) have been suffering outage since October, 9th.  Zaichenko and Kominternovo villages have been blacked out for three days.

Ukrainian forces have been heavily shelling DPR southern areas over the week and community services are unable to start repairing utility lines.

DPR Defence Ministry has urged OSCE reps to provide a «silence regime» in order repairs could be done in southern villages. On October, 11th maintenance crews managed to restore power supply to the major part of Sakhanka. Power is still cut to six villages.