Donetsk, Mar 2 – DAN. Ukrainian forces killed 25 DPR civilians and injured a hundred just in two weeks, firing almost nine thousand shells, the DPR Mission to the JCCC said.

"In the 14 days of the escalation, 740 shelling incidents have been registered on the Ukrainian side: 251 on the Gorlovka direction; 253 - Donetsk direction, 236 - Mariupol direction; heavy weapons were used in 614 episodes. A total of 8,894 rounds were fired, including Tochka-U missiles and MLRS Grad."

In the two weeks, 473 residential houses, 185 civilian infrastructural facilities, sustained damage, including nine medical facilities, 16 educational institutions, 11 objects of social assistance, 11 vital infrastructure facilities, electricity, water and gas supplying facilities, 81 vehicles have been damaged. *ot