Donetsk, Feb 10 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin led a combat drill of People’s Militia units on Thursday, the administration of the head of state reported.

Pushilin listened to an instructor’s report at a command centre and visited training sites. Together with militiamen, he participated in a point-scoring exercise to drive an infantry fighting vehicle and fired large calibre weapons and small arms.

“Combat readiness is high, the motivation is clear and obvious, everybody knows what they have to do,” he said. “The teamwork can be graded “excellent.” It’s important now as the enemy continues the massing of forces and hardware along the contact line.”

Crews had qualifying practice in tank and IFV driving on rough terrain and obstacle crossing. Motorized infantry units had small arms and grenade launcher practice and qualification shooting. Crews perfected their skills within IFV and tank gun ranges. Artillery crews drilled firing at fixed unobserved targets from covered positions.

“Despite the assurances of the political establishment - I also mean Macron (Emmanuel Macron, President of France - eds Donetsk News Agency) with his peace initiatives, we don’t see any relaxation or decreasing tensions on the contact line. So our readiness must be at the top level. I’ve seen it during the drills in the firing range today,” the DPR leader said.

Pushilin also conversed informally with militiamen. *jk