Donetsk, Feb 10 — DAN. Organized evacuation of civilians has begun in Ugledar amid intense fighting, Donetsk People’s Republic Acting Head Denis Pushilin said at a meeting with journalists, bloggers and activists in Moscow on Friday.

“There are some 1,000 civilians in the town [Ugledar], ” TASS quoted Pushilin as saying. “As the active liberation phase began, we evacuated some of them from cellars of the first apartment buildings to a relatively safe place; it’s Volnovakha. People are provided with necessary assistance.” 

The DPR leader said that Russian forces had gained a foothold in the southern part of Ugledar and that the Ukrainian army continued to deploy reinforcements to the town. He described the situation in the area as “rather hot.”

Last weekend, Pushilin said that Russian troops had made gains along the whole frontline.*jk