Donetsk, Mar 9 – DAN. Forensics analysis has shown that a DPR soldier Evgeniy Toropkin's death was violent.

The results of the investigation into Toropkin's death on March 2 have been presented today to journalists.

" Forensics analysis has shown that the death was suspicious, it was a murder. Before he was murdered, Evgeniy was subjected to tortures by Kiev military," DPR Operations Command deputy commander Eduard Basurin said.

The head of the DPR forensics Dmitry Kalashnikov confirmed the report. He said there were multiple injuries on the soldier's body, localized in the head area: major displacement of facial bones, massive splintered fractures of skull bones.

"The injuries were received pro vita. Some skin tissues with the marks of injuries have been removed and truncated, skin sewn to conceal the injuries," Kalashnikov said.

A DPR soldier Evgeniy Toropkin was captured by Ukrainian forces on March 2 as they attacked Republican positions in southern DPR. DPR Command says it is possible that the soldier was captured with the purpose of getting intelligence data from him to carry out sabotage operations in the DPR in future. On Mach 6 the captured was killed and handed over to Dontes by Ukrainian volunteers. *ot