Donetsk, Jun 1 - DAN. A DPR Supreme Court panel banned Ukrainian public organization “Security and Interaction in Ukraine” ruling it was extremist.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court met the DPR prosecutor general’s request “to recognize “Security and Interaction in Ukraine” operating under the aegis of Ukraine’s Stop Terror project as extremist and ban its activity in DPR territory,” the Court’s press service said.

The Court also ruled that Ukrainian political writer Stepan Rudnitskiy’s book “Why We Want an Independent Ukraine” (1994) was extremist, banning its publication and dissemination in DPR.

It ordered the Culture Ministry to remove the book from DPR’s main library stocks, eliminate links to the book from electronic databases, and limit the access to it for third persons.

The Supreme Court’s decisions became effective immediately upon their announcement and cannot be challenged.

Security and Interaction in Ukraine was registered in Ukraine on 30 April 2015. DPR Security Ministry said the organization's objective was to gather information on DPR residents and inform Ukrainian forces of locations and movements of DPR military hardware. *jk