Donetsk, Mar 24 - DAN. Ukrainian armed formations have fired nearly 300 rounds of ammunition at the Donetsk People’s Republic on Thursday. The enemy used missile and cannon artillery and heavy mortars; the number of civilian casualties in the DPR continues to grow.

Shelling resumed at 5:30, local time as cannon fire awakened residents of Donetsk, Makeyevka and other towns. Kiev gunmen opened fire with 122mm artillery at western Donetsk; explosions were heard kilometers away in the absence of city noise.

More than a hundred projectiles exploded on the Donetsk axis within a day. Five civilians were wounded in the shelling which also damaged Petrovsky Machine Building Plant facilities and eight houses. Two employees of the Skochinsky colliery in Donetsk’s Kirov district were wounded.

Strikes caused power outages in Donetsk, Yasinovataya and their suburbs. At least 12,700 customers were left without electricity, including a hospital, two schools, a kindergarten, three boiler houses, a coal mine as up to 50 electrical substations were de-energized. In Yelenovka, the shelling damaged a control centre and a locomotive at the local railway station.

In Dokuchayevsk, an eight-year-old girl was wounded in Ukrainian gunmen fire at 84 Matrosov Street. In Alexandrinka, a TP-69 electrical substation power outage left 60 homes without electricity.

On the Gorlovka axis, Mikhailovka, Ozeryanovka and Dolomitny came under fire. The enemy expended 180 rounds of ammunition in strikes at these settlements. Fighting on the Mariupol axis continued throughout Thursday. DPR militia continues the mopping up operations in Maryinka and Mariupol. The retreating enemy opened sporadic fire at civil infrasructure. Seven civilians were reportedly wounded in previously liberated areas.


The report is composed based on information the Donetsk News Agency had received from dedicated ministries, local authorities, the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination and the Territorial Defense Headquarters. *jk