Donetsk, May 12 – DAN. Donbass and Russia continue cultural and social integration, a decision to create a joint events calendar was adopted at today's Donbass-Russia Integration Committee meeting in Donetsk.

Representatives of Crimean cultural agencies proposed to assist boosting of DPR activities in educational, cultural and health care domains.

"Today I saw that we share the same problems, as the lack of medical experts. I will put efforts into organizing experience sharing visits," said deputy head of Kursk regional office of Russian foundation of Peace Irina Agapova.

DPR Minister of Education and Science Larisa Polyakova agreed with her counterpart and said the experience sharing was very important for DPR. She thanked all those who have been helping Donbass during these rough years.

The Integration Committee Russia-Donbass was established in Crimea on March 17 to reinforce the integration that is happening between Donbass and Russia at cultural, humanitarian, social levels. Its meeting took place in Livadia Palace, near Yalta, DPR and LPR leaders were present at the event.

The Committee is expected to hold several meetings in 2017, both in Donbass and Russia. *ot