Donetsk, Jan 12 – DAN. Books by Vladimir Kornilov, Nikolay Starikov, Aleksandr Prokhanov and Oles Buzina were in the top ten on Donetsk readers’ list in 2016.

“Krupskaya Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library presents the 2016 rating of most popular books among the residents using library stock for free. It is based on books retrieval requests spanning various genres, from sci-fi to historical documents and analytics,” Library staff said.

Kornilov’s “Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic: An Assassinated Dream” came third. Buzina’s “Resurrection of Little Russia” ranked eighth. “Murdered Cities” by Prokhanov ranked ninth. Nikolay Starikov’s “Liquidation of Russia,” a research into the 1917 Revolution and the civil war, came last on the top ten list.

Ransom Riggs’ fantasy novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar children (filmed by Tim Burton last year) was the most popular book, followed by Gregory David's Shantaram autobiographical novel with one million copies sold worldwide.
Kornilov, Prokhanov and Starikov are “Russian World” proponents. They openly support DPR and LPR in their books and op-ed articles. Oles Buzina opposed Ukrainian nationalism in his books. He was killed in April 2015, supposedly by extremists.*jk