Donetsk, May 11 - DAN. A member of the DPR Union of Writers, poet Sergei Lysenko died on a combat mission.  He served as the commander of an infantry company of the DPR People's Militia, said Fyodor Berezin, chairman of the Union.

 “On May 9, Victory Day, a poet well known in the Donetsk Republic and Russia, an author and performer of songs, a member of the Union of Writers of the DPR, who joined the defence of the first wave, Sergey Lysenko, died on a combat mission.  The Union of Writers suffered a combat loss, the first in this war,” Berezin said.

He added that Lysenko has won many literary competitions, such as February 2020  International festival of the Military Patriotic Song, which was held in St. Petersburg, with the top result: 150 votes out of 150. *ot