Donetsk, Dec 1 – DAN. Donetsk’s Krupskaya Republican Library was presented on Thursday with a unique Rome architecture book by colleagues from the Lugansk People’s Republic.

“Colleagues, I wish to present you with a unique and rare 1840 original edition, titled “Buildings of Modern Rome” by French engraver Paul Letarouilly,” said Lugansk Gorkiy Library director Natalya Rastorguyeva at a solemn ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of the Krupskaya Library.

The 1,000-page book contains drawings of cathedrals, temples, hospitals, palaces, houses, churches and monasteries of Rome. The edition's dimensions are 80 x 50 cm.

Abkhazia’s National Library director Boris Cholariya who attended the ceremony handed over to the Donetsk library a copy of an ancient book on the original Abkhazian alphabet.

“I’ve brought a copy of a rare book on the first Abkhazian alphabet, a 1862 edition, one of its kind and precious to the Abkhazian people. Keep and safeguard cultural heritage. I wish you new surprising ideas working for your benefit,” Cholariya said.

The Abkhazian library director also contributed 20 books including fiction, social and political essays, poetry and a two-volume World War II edition.

Krupskaya Donetsk Republican Universal Scientific Library was established on 2 August 1926 in line with the decision of Stalin Regional Executive Committee Presidium. Its original name was Stalin Regional Central Library.

It opened its doors to visitors on 1 December 1926 and the day has been marked as Library’s birthdate since. There are more than 1.6 million items in stock on different storage media in different fields of science and culture. A series of events in Donetsk will celebrate the Library’s 90th anniversary. Pochta Donbassa, a state-owned postal service, issued a stamp and two envelopes for the occasion.