Donetsk, May 26 — DAN. The premier screening of a short feature film about war-ravaged Mariupol at the time of the special operation has taken place on the premises of the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow.

The film “Acceptable Losses” is based on real events highlighting the suffering city residents as they were victimized by “Azov” nationalist battalion (banned in the Russian Federation), the press service of the M.M.Brovun Donetsk Academic Music and Drama Theatre told the Donetsk News agency on Friday.

 The plot revolves around Kiev-made “information bomb” alleging Russian strikes at Mariupol civilians. Kiev gunmen needed victims among residents in order to create a fake. In terms of its genre, the film is a thriller where Ukrainian neo-Nazis are chasing a fleeing mother with her child. The viewers are kept in suspense to the end of the show while captions run shocking wartime tales of Mariupol residents taken from documentaries. The action takes place in a city hospital. The setting is a Volnovakha medical facility ruined by Ukrainian gunmen.

“It’s a very truthful film. Some might find it cruel and naturalistic, but regrettably, it is no fiction.  ‘Azov’ gunmen used people as a human shield, fired at cars and buses which were carrying civilians, looted and murdered people without sparing women, old people or children. Our truth is the evidence shared by survivors. Our hearts ache when we hear their stories. These things cannot be forgotten or forgiven, ” the press service quoted Theatre Director Natalia Volkova as saying.

The film stars Donetsk Music and Drama Theatre actor Mikhail Bovdui who played the role of a Ukrainian gunman, call sign “Santa.”

“It’s unrewarding to play a bad guy. As a rule, protagonists get all the laurels and praise, and it’s absolutely normal and right. But how can I judge my acting? If viewers tell the actor that they wants to kill that scum (meaning the film character, not the actor), it would mean that I gave 100 percent to my role. I repeatedly heard such remarks after the film debut, ” Bovdui said.

The film is available to Internet users starting Friday.*jk