Donetsk, Oct 6 — DAN. Exhibitions of portraits of Donetsk People’s Republic heroes will be held in 25 towns of the region in the runup to DPR Flag Day, Russian Center executive director Yelena Yevseyeva said on Friday.

“The portraits were painted by street artists as part of the Festival of Contemporary Russian Culture, ” Yevseyeva said at a press conference at the Donetsk News Agency.

Director of the Donetsk Republican Museum of Arts Gennady Polyansky said that artists from the Donbass Republics had contributed their works for the project.

“The presentation of the original paintings took place at our museum; the copies will be passed to each DPR town for display so that people can know their heroes such as Alexander Zakharchenko, Arsen Pavel, Olga Kachura and Vladimir Zhoga, ” Polyansky said.  “Eighteen portraits in total will be presented.”

The DPR marks Flag Day on October 25.*jk