Donetsk, Mar 3 - DAN. Residents of the frontline settlement of Yelenovka are poised to lodge the first claims against Ukraine at the European Court of Human Rights demanding a total of some 300,000 roubles in compensation for damaged property, chairwoman of the Public Commission for Assessing Ukraine-caused damage Anastasia Butorkina said after the Commission’s meeting on Tuesday.

“Tenants of 25 houses in Depovskaya Street in the Yelenvka township asked us to help them lodge claims against Ukraine for the damage caused by strikes,” Butorkina said. “Specialists estimate the overall sum of damage at 307,400 rubles.”

As a result of Ukrainian army aggression, the plaintiffs’ houses sustained damage to windows, doors, internal partitions, roof slates and frontage plastering; some utility sheds burnt down.

The public commission for assessing the economic damage caused to the Donbass population by Ukraine was set up in Donetsk in November 2019. The decision to set up the commission was made by a group of activists from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic at a public meeting.*jk