Donetsk, Jan 17 - DAN. Ukrainian servicemen will take a course in military training at a U.S. centre in Germany for subsequent participation in the Donbass conflict, head of the DPR People’s Militia HQ press service Daniil Bezsonov said on Thursday.

“Petr Poroshenko (Ukrainian president - eds Donetsk News Agency) again wheedled out of the USA the refresher courses for its “warriors of light,” Bezsonov said. “Classes will be held at U.S. training centres in Europe, specifically in the town of Filseck, Germany.”

More than ten courses in various fields will be taught, he added. After the training, the servicemen will be sent to the Ukrainian Joint Forces Operation zone in Donbass.

The U.S. military base Rose Barracks is located in the vicinity of Filseck in northeastern Bavaria.*jk