Donetsk, Jan 31 - DAN. Ukrainian negotiators at the Contact Group political subgroup meeting in Minsk on Wednesday were asserting their political slogans instead of discussing peaceful settlement problems, said acting DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

“The articulation of political slogans by Ukrainian representatives in Minsk instead of presenting the official positions on this legally inadequate law (the law on reintegration - eds Donetsk News Agency) as well as on the agenda shows Ukrainian authorities’ utter inability to meet their political commitments,” Nikonorova said.

She believes that the Ukrainian leadership is “creating conditions for further weakening of ties between Donbass and Kiev.” The situation is aggravated by Ukraine’s reintegration law as it proclaims DPR and LPR temporarily occupied territories which de-facto blocks the project to give special status to Donbass.

“A revision of the Ukrainian law is demanded by not only the Minsk Agreements guarantors but also by PACE which recently adopted the relevant resolution. If Kiev ignores the calls, the political settlement prospects would look vaguer,” the DPR diplomat said.

A new round of Donbass peace talks took place in Minsk on Wednesday. The agenda items included prisoner exchange and restoration of Vodafone operation in DPR. The next meeting is scheduled for 14 February. *jk