Donetsk, Aug 24 — DAN. American and British authorities become emptors of war crimes by increasing military aid to Ukraine, the Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin said.

“The US and UK are bidding up at the war by announcing new military aid packages to Ukraine. The amounts differ significantly, but such actions show all the beneficiaries of the conflict, ” he said.

Pushilin emphasized that “Western countries, because of their financial support of the Ukrainian Nazi regime, are not only accomplices in war crimes committed by Kiev, they are their emptors.”

The DPR leader added that the United States is allocating almost three billion dollars to Ukraine, and this is three times the maximum tranche to Kiev from Washington since the beginning of the escalation of the conflict in Donbass. “The amount shows that America is going all in. Washington is betting everything on Ukraine to withstand the confrontation, ” Pushilin concluded.

He also drew attention to the words of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said that London’s assistance in the amount of $63.7 million would help Kiev improve its long-range target detection capabilities. 

“Long-distance targets, what are they? If we are talking about the territory of Donbass, then are Ukrainian armed formations expected to retreat? And if they don’t, it turns out that these are long-distance targets in Russia?” Pushilin suggested. *ot