Donetsk, Oct 26 – DAN. Tony Frisch, a coordinator at the humanitarian subgroup of the Contact Group, issued no reprimands over living conditions in DPR detention centers where detained Ukrainian fighters live, said the Republic's ombudswoman Daria Motozova who accompanied OSCE rep on his inspection.

"Today Tony Frisch of OSCE visited one of DPR penitentiaries where detained Ukrainian fighters live. He was satisfied that Ukrainian soldiers are kept there in accordance with international standards. He has no grounds for criticism," she said.

The inspection group also visited a remand prison where juveniles suspected of sabotage are held.

"The youth have a gym, room for studies, a lounge area, so they have everything necessary," Morozova added. "Frisch was satisfied with the condition there."

She said that the detained juveniles are going to write letters to their families soon, the letters will be handed to the representatives of the UN international mission and they will deliver the mail.

The DPR Ministry for State Security (MGB) reported earlier that a group of under-aged was detained. They are suspected of committing sabotage acts against DPR infrastructure directed by Ukrainian security services. According to the MGB the group comprised seven people connected among other things to explosion on railway lines in Yasinovataya on 16 February 2016.