Donetsk, Jan 21 - DAN. Residents of the Staromikhailovka neighbourhood in the western outskirts of Donetsk have prepared civil actions against Kiev demanding a total of 1.5 million rubles in compensation, the public commission for assessing Ukraine-caused economic damage reported on Tuesday.

“The Commission reviewed the appeals by three residents of the frontline Mikhailovka settlement, Maryinskiy district, at the Tuesday meeting,” the report said. “In the course of the Ukrainian army aggression, the plaintiffs’ homes were either partially damaged or totally destroyed.”

The damaged property is located at 8B Dalnevostochnaya Str., 2 Shevchenko Str., and 13 Lenin Street.

The documents are ready; they will be sent to the ECHR in the nearest future. The plaintiffs claim a total of 1.42 million rubles in compensation,” public commission chairwoman Anastasia Butorkina said.

Earlier, Gorlovka residents gathered all necessary documents to lodge an action against Kiev and claim compensation for the damage caused by the Ukrainian army.

The public commission for assessing the economic damage caused to the Donbass population by Ukraine was set up in Donetsk in November 2019. The decision to set up the 19-member commission was made by a group of activists from the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics at a public meeting.*jk